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The four new mobile moments unpacked

01 Feb

Recent findings published by Google show that there are now four new mobile moments that every brand should be aware of and try to leverage profitably…
The mobile revolution has been absolute in its dominance. Almost all of our interactions are done with the help of smartphones, either directly or indirectly. These mobile devices have indeed become our remote controls to the world as we always turn to them with intent and expect them to provide immediate solutions.

So what are the four mobile moments? Google classifies them as: I want to know, I want to go, I want to do and I want to buy moments.

I want to know

The ‘I want to know’ moment represents that scenario when we use our smartphones to look for information. We have come to appreciate and rely on the ability of the internet to provide us instantly with the specific feedback that satisfies our information needs at any given moment.
Statistics back this revelation. According to Google, “65% of online consumers look up more information online versus a few years ago”. 

Additionally, the research claims that 66% of consumers use their mobile devices to get more details about a product or service they saw advertised on a TV commercial.

It is imperative therefore for brand-sponsored content to be available during the ‘I want to know’ moment, as it improves the chances of acquiring new customers. Failure to provide useful content as a marketing tactic is akin to a death wish for any brand in the long term.

Joseph Neusu

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