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AdChanex is a full service Advertising Agency with offices in South Africa and Nigeria. We pride ourselves on being experts in the industry by staying current with the latest industry trends. Whether you are looking to make a name for yourself or to re-establish your identity, we can help. Serving as an extension of your current marketing team, or as your full service provider, we will help you grow your market share using the measurable print and online campaigns that directly address your target audience, and ultimately improve their bottom line.

We help our clients talk to their respective audiences in a manner which stimulates their interest, encourages their participation and influences their behaviour and attitudes, and which has consistently been proven to get real and measurable results. We achieve this through intelligent and thoughtful consideration of a wide range of the research tools and methods at our daily disposal.

We put the “extra” into ordinary. Our value proposition is based on the promise of helping our customers better manage their business marketing operations. Customers rely on our integrated suite of services to go to market quickly, with lower costs and greater efficiency. When customers choose AdChanex Solutions, they have the confidence of knowing they are working with a best-in-class solutions provider.